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Our team prepares for a data collection session in the motion analysis laboratory at the AMP Lab.Become a Study Volunteer!

We are working on many projects to improve human ability, especially for individuals with neurologic injuries such as spinal cord injury, stroke, or cerebral palsy. We are constantly seeking feedback on our devices and designs to ensure new ideas match with the needs of doctors, therapists, patients, and their families. Collected data is kept confidential in order to protect participants’ privacy.

If you live in or near the Seattle area and are interested in learning more about current or future studies please contact:

Kat Steele (206) 685-2390, kmsteele -at-

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Joining the lab!

Our team is dedicated to improving human ability through engineering and design. We work as a close-knit team to address the challenging needs of our clinical and community partners. This includes individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise including individuals in engineering, computer science, human-centered design, and rehabilitation. Individuals who join our lab must be dedicated to continual learning and bring both technical expertise and strong communication skills.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Students interested in a postdoctoral position in our lab should e-mail Dr. Steele with (1) cover letter describing research interests, skills you hope to gain by working with us, and skills you bring to our team (2) updated CV, and (3) list of contact information for 2-3 references. While funding for post-doctoral positions varies year-to-year depending on current grants and projects, all post-doctoral fellows are also encouraged to apply for funding in partnership with Dr. Steele including the UWIN post-doctoral fellowships, NIH F32, or other opportunities.

Graduate Students 

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at the University of Washington please review our website to become familiar with our mission, prior publications, and current research. Our lab includes PhD students from primarily mechanical engineering,  but we also co-advise students in human centered design & engineering, bioengineering, or electrical engineering. In your application, please make sure you describe how your past academic, industry and/or research experiences fit with our lab’s mission and your future career goals. All PhD students are encouraged to apply for fellowships such as the NSF GRF, NDSEG, or Hertz. Please e-mail Dr. Steele to let her know you have applied to UW and also indicate which fellowships you have applied for.

Undergraduate Researchers

Engaging in research as an undergraduate student allows for the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you are learning in the classroom. Within our lab, we take a need-based, human center design approach to understanding the ultimate machine, the human body, in order to tackle clinical challenges. Please review our expectations for undergraduate researchers HERE. Research opportunities are available on a volunteer or credit basis. Undergraduate students commit to pursue research in the lab for one full academic year, with interviews and applications typically in the summer or early fall. If you are interested in learning more about current projects and opportunities, please contact Mia Hoffman with your resume at miahoff -at-