Active Projects

  • We are using audiovisual and sensorimotor feedback to evaluate motor learning in cerebral palsy while individuals walk on a treadmill.

    Dynamic Motor Control

    Every brain injury is unique. This fact makes the evaluation, treatment, and support of individuals with neurologic injuries a complex and highly personalized challenge. In this research we seek to identify the individualized factors that can be used to predict

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    A child participant wearing an Actigraph sensor on each wrist held in front of their body. Actigraphs are IMUs that look like large black watches.

    Ubiquitous Rehabilitation

    Ubiquitous sensing with wearable technology, video, and environmental sensors has opened new doors to support human health and performance. In rehabilitation, advancing these methods for actionable clinical insight is critical to improve outcomes and support activities of daily living. Research

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    Person walking on a treadmill while supported from a body harness and monitoring energetic cost with a face mask

    Cerebral Palsy Energetics

    Movement requires energy! How much energy an activity takes often dictates how often and how much we choose to engage. For individuals with cerebral palsy, the energetic cost of many activities of daily living are elevated due to changes in

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  • An AccessEngineering participant and Dr. Steele check out a 3D-printer in the Ability & Innovation Lab.


    Launched in September 2014, AccessEngineering works to increase the participation of persons with disabilities in engineering education and workforce in order to both increase and diversify the engineering workforce. This is achieved through engaging faculty and students nationwide in efforts to

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    3D-printed ankle foot orthoses

    Optimizing Orthoses

    Orthoses are commonly prescribed for individuals with cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, and many other disorders to help improve movement and quality of life. However, fabricating and fitting the optimal orthoses for each individual remains challenging. Due to limitations

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    Seattle Handathon

    Seattle Handathon

    New engineering and design tools are revolutionizing our ability to quickly fabricate custom-fit devices. In 2015, we collaborated with UW’s Division of Prosthetics & Orthotics, UW-Bothell, and Seattle Pacific University, to launch a community dedicated to using these tools to

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