Daniel Ballesteros

Daniel Ballesteros, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, stands in front of a brick building wearing a red plaid shirt.EDUCATION

Undergraduate, Bioengineering, University of Washington


Fascinated by the complexities of human movement, Daniel has explored the fields of prosthetics to gain insight on how to rehabilitate and enhance the human body after trauma. He’s continuing his working on the development of an adaptive prosthetic foot through the UW Department of Rehab Medicine, Maitland Lab. As a team leader for Bioengineers Without Borders, Daniel is helping lead an effort of an adjustable socket design for use in the developing world.

In the Steele Lab, Daniel assisted graduate student Jessica Zistatsis in clinical validation and commercialization of her pediatric exoskeleton, PlayGait, for children with cerebral palsy.


Playing ukulele, eating too much spicy Asian food, and traveling internationally.