Heather Feldner

The blonde version of Dr. Feldner smiles in front of a beautiful waterfall.EDUCATION

BS in Human Biology, Marquette University, Milwaukee WI
MPT in Physical Therapy, Marquette University, Milwaukee WI
PhD in Disability Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL


Heather Feldner is currently a faculty member in Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington, and was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Ability & Innovation Lab. Her research interests focus on learning the ways in which beliefs about dis/ability, human performance, and technology influence stakeholder experiences of disability and rehabilitation. She is especially interested in exploring how these stakeholder views drive their perceptions and expectations of technology utilized to affect rehabilitation outcomes, accessibility, and participation. Heather’s previous research has explored these qualitative perceptions and experiences, in order to contribute to a more complete picture of technology use and provision processes, and the effects of technology on stakeholder experiences. Heather’s other research interests include qualitative and participatory action research, social justice and disability theory, universal design, early powered mobility for children, and re-imagining graduate health sciences curriculum to not only be more inclusive to disabled students, but also to be open to more diverse meanings of disability.


Trying to keep up with her three children, volleyball, hiking, biking, exploring Seattle breweries and wineries, and after all that…sleeping!