Welcome REU students!

We are welcoming three awesome undergraduate students to our lab this year. All three are participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) with the NSF Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering.

  • Lekha Anantuni is a rising senior in biomedical engineering from Arizona State University
  • Albert Perez, Jr. is a rising sophomore in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University
  • Sasha Portnova is a rising senior in mechanical engineering from UW

To introduce the crew to the lab, we had kick-off meetings today. After lunch at Aqua Verde we headed to the CSNE to an introduction and demo with electromyography (EMG) which will be critical for Lekha’s project. Later in the afternoon, our partners from Seattle Pacific University and the UW Division of Prosthetics & Orthotics stopped by for a kick-off meeting to discuss how Albert and Sasha can help to improve and test the design of open-source orthoses for individuals with impaired hand function.

Our summer REU students learn about electromyography.

For Science!