Arm Orthoses – Low Resolution Prototyping

Low Resolution Prototyping Challenge – October 2015

A team of students, working to create new arm orthotic designs, collaborated this week in a low resolution prototyping challenge. After brainstorming a total of 50 ideas, the students were charged with the task of creating prototypes of their sketched orthoses using common everyday objects around the lab. Their ideas sprang to life while working with cardboard, duct-tape, string, paperclips, and elastic cord. Low resolution supplies allowed for sketched ideas to be communicated to a group in a quick, cheap, and testable way. After 20 minutes of building time, students showcased their prototype and discussed what worked and what did not work. Here are a few glimpses into the event!

IMG_9069CJ Smith, Sasha Portnova, Bradley Wachter, Keshia Peters, Gaurav Mukherjee, and Mark Chang took part in the challenge.