Darrin Howell Joins the Lab!

We are very excited to welcome Darrin Howell to our research team. Darrin earned is BS in Neuroscience here at the University of Washington and is now a research scientist within our lab. In addition to the exciting news of our new staff member, Darrin’s first day involved helping install the new AMPLab treadmill. A majority of our lab’s data collections will occur in this new shared space with Electrical Engineering and Rehabilitation Medicine. Welcome, Darrin!

Darrin stands on the left belt of the new treadmill within the AMPLab's space, while Dave the Bertec Technician tests the isntallation. Dave from Bertec, Darrin our new research scientist, and Keshia our lab manager and research scientist look in the sub-floor space where the new split-belt treadmill will be installed.