Momona Yamagami wins the College of Engineering Student Research Award. Congratulations Momona!

Momona Yamagami stands in front of a cherry blossom tree at the "Quad" on the University of Washington campus. She has short black hair and is wearing a navy blue sweater.The College of Engineering Awards acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of the college’s teaching and research assistants, staff, and faculty members. Momona Yamagami was selected for the 2021 Student Research Award. Congratulations Momona!

Momona Yamagami is an innovative researcher who focuses on developing novel accessible technologies with translational impact. In her first year, she helped build an interdisciplinary research program that blended neuroengineering, human-computer interaction and rehabilitation at the Amplifying Motion and Performance (AMP) Lab to evaluate and mitigate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using virtual reality. Dedicated to building accessible and inclusive technology, she is working to apply control theory and artificial intelligence to improve device accessibility for people with and without limited motion.

“Momona is a truly exceptional student with a demonstrated history of leadership in research and education. We cannot wait to see where Momona steers her career trajectory and research contributions.”