NSF Convergence Accelerator | Inclusion in the Workplace

The NSF Convergence Accelerator on Accelerating Disability Inclusion in Workplaces through Technology starts on May 20th.

Title slide of Dr. Steele's talk "Ideas for Inclusion" on a purple background.


The goals for this workshop are to identify pathways for technology to solve or mitigate accessibility and inclusion challenges in current and emerging workplaces. As an NSF Convergence Accelerator, participants will seek to identify pathways that could beĀ  pursued by multidisciplinary teams to get solutions at least to a prototype stage in 3-5 years. The long-term goals from this workshop are to set in motion paradigm shifts that brings the percentage of individuals with disabilities participating in the workforce closer to the general population.

Dr. Steele will be presenting some ideas on inclusion in the workplace – from work environments to transportation to workforce development.


Download PDF of slides.

Email Dr. Steele (kmsteele – at – uw – dot – edu) with questions, comments, or suggestions.