Alyssa Spomer and Momona Yamagami Present at a Neurorehabilitation Conference in Spain

Alyssa and Momona attended the Summer School on Neurorehabilitation (SSNR) in Baiona, Spain from September 16th to the 21st. Alyssa gave a podium presentation on a feedback system she is developing that aims to characterize and target altered motor control in cerebral palsy. Momona gave a poster presentation to share her recent quantifications of deficits in motor planning in cerebral palsy. Nice work, Alyssa and Momona!Alyssa at podium presenting "A Feedback System to Characterize and Target Altered Motor Control in Cerebral Palsy".



Monoma stands in front of her poster "Quantification of Deficits in Motor Planning in Cerebral Palsy", discussing with interested colleagues.